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You’re on a journey. But do you know how to confidently navigate the cloud in way that fits into your business financially and resourcefully? That’s where our specialists talk differently. We’ll give the designs and direction you need to make smarter IT decisions.

Trusted cloud strategy consultants.

To modernise your business by consuming cloud resources you need to develop a cloud strategy to understand the scope of transformation and ensure it is right for your business, financially viable and that it will deliver positive business outcomes.

CSI has a history spanning over three decades of delivering crucial services that organisations rely on to perform their day-to-day business operations. We have proven experience in managing and securing technology whilst supporting our clients’ businesses through vital periods of change.

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A Trusted Partner in Cloud Strategy Consulting

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Our team of Cloud Experts has devised a methodology to support clients through the cloud transformation process.

In the initial phase, we work with your team to collate, collect or create the artefacts required to assess your technology environment, infrastructure, workloads and applications.

Then we explore your business requirements and map out your current operating model in a pre-assessment workshop. During the workshop, our experts will guide you through several ‘art of the possible’ capabilities aligned to your business requirements.

The next step assesses each of the applications, supporting infrastructure, and business workloads within your existing estate for cloud readiness.

CSI’s service includes financial modelling and real-sizing workloads to help you determine which applications and data should be moved to a cloud environment and the appropriate delivery models (public, private or hybrid cloud) will be supported moving forward.

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Key challenges in cloud strategy and planning.

Many IT leaders are kept awake at night worrying about how to transform their business successfully to meet the demands of the Board, Investors, and line of business leaders.

A successful cloud strategy relies on getting the foundations right. Our assessment and financial modelling components have been designed to meet industry best practice frameworks and will help you address key challenges in planning your cloud strategy.


Discover more about the cloud today with our help.

How do I get more agility, speed, and performance from my IT assets?

How do I decide between private cloud and public cloud?

How do I factor in both private and public cloud for my business’ short or medium-term IT strategy?

How do I decide which applications to take to the cloud?

How do I control shadow IT workloads consuming more resources than the value they deliver?

How do I address changes in my organisation after a cloud migration?

How do I find cloud-enabled IT resources to support my team?


How we plan and analyse your cloud migration.

During the planning phase, we help you to build out infrastructure maps that show key dependencies between applications. We take the dependency and infrastructure architecture information and develop a RAG Application Migration Report.

The red-amber-green report is used to clearly identify, with a simple traffic light system, the status of each application and its cloud readiness.

The application readiness status informs both the project sponsors and the cloud migration strategy workstream (‘migration wave plan’) regarding when each application should be migrated and any supporting services that should be moved to the cloud at the same time.

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Cloud technologies are causing most new disruptions, according to Gartner.

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of enterprise infrastructure is cloud-based, many experts have estimated.


The number of cloud-based services estimated to be consumed by everyday customers.


1.Risk and Compliance

We understand the complexities and risks involved in moving workloads to the cloud, and the impact it can have on any interconnected applications. Where systems can only identify physical connections, we work directly with your application owners to understand both business and system dependencies in order to de-risk the migration within the migration wave planning.

Working with your team, we will identify, evaluate and determine your applications’ cloud viability, readiness, and associated cloud migration costs.

Apps will be prioritised depending upon the score for cloud readiness and mission-criticality to your business operations. In this phase, we will right-size any under- or over-utilised resources and address any security and privacy issues as required.


2. Gap Analysis

During the gap analysis phase, we take the RAG Application Migration Report and establish the viability of running each of your existing workloads in the different cloud hosting scenarios discussed within the planning process.

Alongside analysis of the applications architecture, dependencies, performance footprint, migration effort, and ongoing overheads, CSI will review additional elements of the strategy in order to identify any areas which require additional focus.

The gap analysis will include a full review of existing capabilities, processes and skills required to manage the proposed environments in relation to the following areas:

  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Technology Landscape (as-is) – current operating model
  • Technology Landscape (to-be) – target operating model
  • Governance Requirements
  • Security Posture
  • Operational Toolsets (additions / suitability)
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Modelling
  • Organisational Skillsets and Capabilities

3. Roadmap and Cost Estimation

Applications are grouped depending on interconnectivity and dependencies, then modified with insights from our assessment tooling and infrastructure mapping processes.

App integration is divided into three broad categories – (a) process, (b) data and (c) presentation integration.

CSI will present all findings in a workshop to outline the Application Migration Roadmap and review the proposed strategy with your team. We will highlight any specific dependencies for the migration wave plan and make any final amendments to the key artefacts before delivery.

We’ll share a comparison total cost of ownership (TCO) of the suggested target operating model, which includes running applications in public cloud compared to running them on-premises or in a hybrid cloud architecture.

SaaS cloud services allow companies to break away from costly systems that lack agility, and instead scale technology up or down and comply with constantly changing regulations with speed and ease. We are delighted to be able to offer this with the support of CSI.

John Blackman, Chief Products Officer, FNZ


Whether you want to request a cloud readiness assessment today, or need help understanding how cloud-ready your IT is, we can help. Get in touch with one of our specialists and we can help you unlock the cloud.

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