Eliminate unnecessary rights, strengthen least privilege principles, and deploy critical endpoint security controls at once to Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, and network devices.

Endpoint privilege management services.

With the threat landscape expanding so rapidly, businesses need to protect themselves from the inside out. Attackers targeting endpoint privileges can quickly disrupt a business, even going as far as to devastate with extortion and worse.

Our Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) service empowers organisations with the right confidence to protect their users at all costs, without compromising productivity. With endpoint privilege management tools and best practices like Zero Trust, organisations can enforce least privilege principles, controlling and elevating access to only known and trusted applications when required.

With our managed service, CSI’s technical experts work closely with businesses to deploy, manage, optimise and leverage the right technology to mitigate the risk linked to uncontrolled user permissions and to achieve zero trust security goals.

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What endpoint privilege management includes.

Our service is designed to enable users to remain productive throughout their working days without security risks. Fewer security risks from the inside, smoother employee access and greater control – our endpoint privilege management services allows your IT to flex just the right amount of trust when it’s most critical.

Within CSI’s wider cyber security services portfolio, endpoint privilege management is a critical step in securing IT environments.

  • enforce least privilege principles to maximise user security
  • define and build policies and privilege rules to establish access for your entire organisation
  • envision, deploy and fine-tune critical endpoint controls
  • prevent cyber-attacks like malware by securing users first

Endpoint privilege management describes the process of enabling your employees with the right amount of access to remain productive within their roles, without giving them full administrator rights over your IT system.

Did you know…

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the total number of UK businesses who identify an attack every year, according to the Government.

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of UK businesses are taking steps to identify their most pressing cyber security risks every year.

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half of UK firms acted on only a handful of key cyber security controls outlined by the Government.

The Challenge with Privileges.

Many cyber security tools can help reduce the likelihood of outside cyber risks, such as Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services. But many toolkits aren’t built to address to security breaches that happen from within. Yet, your users are targeted all the time, be it through phishing campaigns or other forms of social-engineering.

As you strengthen the perimeter around your IT environment, end user devices will become more heavily the target of threat actors. This is where the issue with privileges can escalate. If a user has unnecessary privileges within your system, all it takes is an infected attachment or link to create a discreet backdoor for unwanted and unwelcome criminals. Once inside, and after executing the payload, a hacker can assume total control over the device and they can even influence or reconfigure other security controls.

Even when a threat actor isn’t apart of the equation, simple human error or malicious user behaviour can create risks for devices with unrestricted access rights.

Endpoint privilege management prevents users from gaining access to software or functionality they don’t actually require. EPM follows the principle of least privilege to minimise the attack surface, which is achieved by reducing or altogether removing unnecessary administrator accounts.

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Zero Trust Security.

According to the zero trust security model, organisations should: “never trust, always verify.

This approach only becomes more relevant as technologies like cloud, virtualisation and IoT continue to blur our idea of a traditional firewalled network. Risks are only furthered in an environment where users work remotely from home and use a variety of devices, sometimes even their own.

Endpoint privilege management technology helps organisations to achieve their zero trust goals by enforcing adaptive, least privilege controls for all access.


In 30-minutes, you could gain greater clarity about security responsilities, understand the trends impacting businesses like yours, and learn the steps necessary in remediating today’s most aggressive attack types.



Minimise the cyber risks from within and feel confident in your first and last line of defence with CSI’s managed endpoint privilege service, supported by BeyondTrust.

In partnership with cutting-edge cyber security technologies, our experts ensure configuration and deployment are proper and that service coverage is tightly aligned to best practices, ensuring better protection at all times.

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Whether you have already suffered a breach, unsure about the health of your security posture, or simply want to understand how our security services are compatible with your existing systems, we can help. Speak with one of our experts today to find out how to build an effective first and last line of defence that your business can rely on.

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