Identify, address and resolve cyber threats across your entire digital environment, from network to cloud storage, applications, and endpoints.

Our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) service.

Why operate cyber security in siloes when you can extend detection, protection and response, whether that’s endpoints or networks.

Pave over coverage and security gaps – and worry less about how your cyber-attack surface widens with the uptake of new cloud and mobile technologies. As your enterprise journeys through its digital transformation, it needs peace of mind that it can modernise without delays and disruptions, such as a breach. That means if protection controls are compromised, you can accelerate from response to full recovery.

CSI XDR service

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Cloud Approach to Extended Detection and Response.

Our principle of ‘cyber security by default‘ means that enterprises can strengthen their security postures with unified solutions and technologies. Our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) service is no different: extend security coverage across your organisation through network and endpoint telemetry. This creates security advantages, including improved visibility for preventative measures, more room for instantaneous response, and advanced threat hunting.

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new malware programs are detected daily.


blunted attacks every hour, where Blackberry technology was used.

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What our XDR services include.

Our Extended Detection and Response service has been designed to, in the first instance, prevent threats from escalating. The value of our XDR translates into security confidence, whereby we operate tools with core cyber security partners to ensure your IT environment is employing best practice at all times. This holistic security instrument takes core layers of a security strategy – from prevention to remediation – and simplifies it. That means less worry when it comes to risk management and greater focus on business operations.

Threat prevention, proactive threat hunting, and security technology optimisation – our XDR service is one of the few truly comprehensive security suites on the market, designed for enterprises that need confidence that risks are monitored, blunted and can be contained.

Look inside XDR.

  • As part of CSI’s cyber security services portfolio, Extended Detection and Response offers critical coverage across complex, regulated IT environments.

    • 24x7x365 SOC Expertise
    • blunt malware and other attacks and vulnerabilities
    • tool configuration and management included to avoid misfire
    • insights and analysis behind attack attempts

Security that never sleeps.

Our  24x7x365 Extended Detection and Response service is powered by proactive threat remediation as much as sophisticated prevention techniques.

First Line of Defence.

Most security strategies will prioritise threat prevention in the first instance. CSI’s partnerships and technologies start with prevention, ensuring that every effort is taken to blunt malware attacks and keep your environment safe.

This is achieved where AI models are leveraged to identify and prevent malware escalations, including zero-day attacks. Despite many global businesses prioritising a single layer of security approach, using primarily preventative tools, there are many limitations.

How do you respond to a breach? Better yet, can you even determine why it happened?

Last Line of Defence.

he “switched on” nature of our security means businesses can escape any security gaps created by reactive approaches to threat invasion. Proactive security is driven by tools, talent and expertise – knowing how to quickly remediate breaches should they occur, and how to limit the pain it inflicts on a business.

A harmonised XDR platform is always in conversation with our analysts, working to monitor, detect and trace attacks before they escalate. Unlike many security tools available, our XDR service offers features including advanced orchestration and playbooks as bespoke elements.

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Free XDR Service Brochure.

Look inside our XDR toolkit and service by understanding more about the unique features we offer – from a more proactive security approach, to bespoke service elements, and more.

Inside we itemise service elements for full visibility so customers know what to expect from our comprehensive XDR service coverage.

Benefits of Extended Detection & Response.

Clients operating XDR toolkits like Blackberry’s Cylance can take advantage of a security suite designed and tailored for enterprise cyber security. Siloed security tools, or those with restricted features, will leave most enterprises not only vulnerable in the face of today’s threat landscape, but lacking the confidence to prevent and even recover from breaches.

Here are the three core benefits of our XDR service:

  1. Enhanced protection, detection and response capability
  2. Streamline the productivity of existing security employees
  3. Lower the total cost of ownership (TCO)

Gain access to a fuller view of network and endpoint vulnerabilities across your organisation – this enables security personnel to treat and remediate threats before they escalate. Unlock the investment from personnel and tools immediately by refocusing on the business – not just the threats that could undermine it.

In the inevitability of a breach, XDR accelerates response and remediation times. XDR is designed to achieve what many cyber security tools otherwise can’t offer larger enterprises: a cohesive cyber security platform that’s simple to use and frees up business resources.

Introducing Blackberry.

It’s through strategic technology partnerships that CSI enables cyber resilience best practice – and equips larger businesses with the tools and confidence to win key security battles.

Set your security tools to work harder than before. That means protection that covers you even beyond office hours – and alerted to threat varieties, whether malware invasions or insiders, and other bad actors. Blackberry’s security leadership, and their insights, leverages Cylance as a truly holistic yet comprehensive platform. It’s one of the few answers that enterprises have when navigating the challenges of digital threats.

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